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UK Low-carbon Delegation Visit Dongguan

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dongguan Deputy Secretary and Mayor Yuan Baocheng showed warm welcome to the University of Edinburgh Delegation led by the Director of Scotland CCS Centre Stuart Haszeldine, both parties have reached an understanding of facilitate the comprehensive cooperation in the area of green low carbon development between the Dongguan and UK institute, and proposed a new perspective for cooperation between Dongguan and the University of Edinburgh in the area of green low carbon development. 

Facilitate Energy Saving and Emission Reduction, Recycled Economy Cooperation

Yuan Baocheng visited UK with Guangdong government delegation, understand UK has the successful experience and advanced technology in develop low carbon economy, which has been established solid foundation for both parties to develop green low carbon strategic cooperation.  

Explore the CCS Development Cooperation between Dongguan and the University of Edinburgh 

After the interview, Deputy Mayor Lu Xiulu host a workshop, explored the cooperation and knowledge sharing opportunity in the area of CCS for both parties. Mr Lu noticed CCS is the key technology for emission reduction, with regard to the situation in China, pollutant treatment and greenhouse gas reduction can be achieved through CCS technology. Last year, Guangdong Development and Reform

Visit Spallation Neutron Source Project and SSL Administrative Committee

In the afternoon, Delegation visited Dongguan Exhibition Hall, Spallation Neutron Source Project and SSL Administrative Committee. The International Cooperation Business Manager of School of Business in University of Edinburgh LlinosWyn Jones approved the urban greening work done in Dongguan, feeling the environment has been well protected, and has mountains and rivers surrounded. She consider the rapid development of Dongguan is being encountered with many environmental problems, include water and air, University of Edinburgh and Dongguan have significant cooperation potential.

Hope to Establish a Long Term Relationship of Cooperation

Stuart Haszeldine expressed praise for the natural landscape during his visited in SSL Sci & Tech Industrial Park, said it’s a very wise development mode. For future cooperation, he introduced Edinburgh Low Carbon Innovation Centre, Expected to launch a branch in Hong Kong in November, Dongguan’s industry can participate in this centre, share innovative knowledge of low carbon technology, facilitate CCS development, strengthen the communication and cooperation between the government and industry. (Linkschina)

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