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FutureGen Project Moved onto the Next Stage

Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Article Type: Cited

The $1.1bn FutureGen project, to build the world's first coal fuelled power stations with near zero emissions, has moved onto the "next stage", the project team says.

Over the next 15 months the US Department of Energy (DOE) will complete a Environmental Impact Statement and the FutureGen Alliance (a group of US and European coal and electric companies) will select a final site, select technologies and vendors, finalize the design and procure long lead-time items.

The Department of Energy will provide approx $1.1bn in funding over the lifetime of the project, and the FutureGen Alliance will contribute approx $400m.

The costs of the project have recently increased due to increases in steel, copper and other equipment and commodity prices.

The Alliance will shortly post a detailed summary of the projects conceptual design and costs on its website. The Department of Energy will shortly release its draft Environmental Impact Statement, written separately for each one of the four sites under consideration for the location of the power station.

There will be a public hearing at each of the four sites under consideration, to give the public and other stakeholders an opportunity to get involved. The final site will be announced in early Autumn 2007.

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