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Central Valley May be Site for Carbon Repository in Global Warming Battle

Thursday, October 12, 2006
Source: CVBT
Article Type: Reprinted

Excess carbon dioxide might be stored in an underground location near Thornton in the Central Valley in a demonstration project envisioned by the West Coast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership.

No final decision has been made and the exact location of the property under consideration has not been made public.

The partnership, made up of industry and government from California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, is trying to "sequester" or store carbon dioxide.

The long-term goal is to remove it from the atmosphere "by enhancing natural processes" and suck it away from industrial facilities before it is emitted and then pump the gas underground to get rid of it.

Carbon dioxide is one of the so-called "greenhouse gases" thought to be responsible for global warming.

The Thornton experiment would involve carbon dioxide captured from nearby natural gas wells. The partnership says only a small amount of the non-flammable gas would be stored for the experiment, which could begin as early as spring 2007.

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