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DOE Reports on Success of Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships

Monday, May 2, 2005
Source: DOE
Article Type: Cited

A report released by the Department of Energy on May 2 details the success of the Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships in laying the groundwork for field testing and verifying carbon sequestration technologies in the near term.

"When the Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership program was initiated two years ago, these regionally focused efforts were envisioned as the centerpiece of our carbon sequestration program," Mark Maddox, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy said. "Their accomplishments have provided the impetus to move carbon sequestration technologies forward by providing the key regulatory, infrastructure, and site-related information for capturing and permanently storing gases that can contribute to global climate change."

The Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships Phase I Accomplishments report outlines the six main achievements of the program:
1.Established a national network of companies and professionals working to support sequestration efforts;
2.Created a carbon sequestration atlas for the United States;
3.Obtained an improved understanding of the permitting requirements that future sequestration projects will be required to meet;
4.Raised awareness and support for carbon sequestration as a greenhouse gas mitigation option, both within industry and the general public;
5.Identified and vetted priority opportunities for sequestration field tests;
6.Established a series of protocols for project implementation, accounting, and contracts for projects that would result in verifiable carbon credits.

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