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UK Sees EU-wide Carbon Capture Incentive from 2008

Sunday, October 8, 2006
Article Type: Cited

European power plants that use a novel anti-climate change method, burying greenhouse gases underground, will win some exemption from European pollution caps from 2008, according to a UK ministry official.

The move would be a fillip for the oil, gas and coal industries, which are preparing to pile into a technology that could extend their lives considerably and fix their image by cutting their contribution to climate change.

Carbon capture and storage involves siphoning off and burying underground the heat-trapping gas, carbon dioxide, which is a by-product of burning fossil fuels to produce power.

The incentives would start under the second phase, from 2008-2012, of the European carbon trading scheme, which puts caps on heavy industry emissions. It would be a first step to try to make it economic for plants to adopt this method of protecting the climate.

In Britain up to six proposed CCS projects could qualify at coal and gas power plants generating some 4 gigawatts of power, besides other possible projects in other countries.

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