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European CO2 Centre adds advanced gas-liquid mixing

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Montreal, Quebec – Canadian company ProSep Inc. is to supply a fuel gas quencher unit, based on its proprietary gas-liquid mixing technology, as a process component for carbon capture technologies being tested by Statoil, Norske Shell and Gassnova at their European CO2 Technology Center at Mongstad, Norway.
The gas quencher from Montreal-based Pro-Sep will be used to pre-condition flue gas for CO2 capture from sources ranging from gas turbine to coal fired steam boiler applications. The project is valued at $400,000 and the gas quencher will be delivered by September 2010.
The European CO2 Technology Center at Mongstad is a Statoil, Shell and Gassnova owned facility designed to process flue gas from the Mongstad refinery and gas-fired power plant to evaluate potential full-scale application of carbon capture technology for power plants and industries. The technology centre is scheduled to be completed by early 2012 and will be one of the world's leading carbon capture innovation centres.(Source: TheEngineer)


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