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Statoil Beefs Up Efforts in CCS Tech

Monday ,March 29, 2010

Statoil, a global energy production company, plans to bolster the Norwegian Continental Shelf’s position as the most energy-efficient petroleum in the world by improving energy efficiency and evaluating new field developments in terms of energy and the environment at its exploration & production Norway (EPN) business, according to the company’s annual and sustainability reports. The EPN business also plans to develop a more energy-efficient supply chain.
EPN plans to establish a Statoil heavy oil technology center in Canada that will focus on improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions, and reducing operating costs related to the production of heavy oil.
Statoil, which has oil sands operations in Alberta, Canada, recently announced plans to cut its emissions there by 25 percent by 2020 and 40 percent by 2025.
The company’s six business units include EPN, international exploration & production (iNt), Natural gas (Ng), Manufacturing & Marketing (M&M), projects and procurement (pro) and technology & New energy (tNe).
Statoil is implementing efforts in new energy sources including biofuels and wind power and is developing carbon capture & storage (CCS) technologies for use in oil and gas production. As an example, a carbon capture and reinjection project is underway at one of its largest gas developments in In Salah, Algeria, aimed at proving the sustainability and reliability of carbon dioxide reinjection as a preferred solution for the reduction of carbon emissions. More than three million tons of carbon dioxide have been captured and stored, according to the annual report. (Source: Environmental Leader)
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