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Longannet in Race for Carbon Capture Cash

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Longannet power station in Fife is in the running to receive a massive financial boost which could see it become one of only two revolutionary carbon capture plants in the UK.
Experts believe that carbon capture on a commercial scale could lead to huge investment in the technology in Scotland and thousands of “green” jobs.
The Courier understands that funding from the UK Government for design and development studies, as part of the competition to build a commercial scale carbon capture and storage power (CCS) plant, is imminent.
Carbon capture involves extracting carbon in emissions from coal-fired power stations such as Longannet and burying it, and the Fife station is already running a small-scale trial operation.
The funding for the UK pilot is drawn from a pot of £90 million announced by the Chancellor in the 2009 Budget. However, exact amounts are not publicly available for commercial reasons.
Funding for the next stage, which could be announced as early as today, would support front- end engineering and design studies.
The next step is for one project to receive government support for a commercial-scale carbon capture demonstration next year.
Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy said last night he could not comment on the detail of any deal until it had been formally announced.
He did say he had been working with UK ministers, including environment secretary Ed Miliband, on the issue.
"I have been in regular contact with Ed Miliband on this issue and I am confident we will be able to make a formal announcement on this issue very shortly," he said.
"It is great that Longannet is in the race to build a full-scale carbon capture and storage demonstration project. That is good news for Fife and for Scotland."
The UK Government is committed to taking this technology forward and using CCS to cut carbon emissions from fossil fuel power stations, a source on which we continue to depend for some of our energy needs.
"We are at the birth of a new technology which offers Scotland profound opportunities."
CCS serves a dual purpose in helping to secure global energy needs and also tackling the carbon emissions from fossil fuels which cause climate change.
"I am confident Scotland has the skills and expertise to lead the CCS revolution, a revolution which has the potential to support tens of thousands of jobs and pump billions into the UK economy." (Source: The Courier)
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