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TransCanada CEO: Carbon Capture Technology Costly and Complicated

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Source: EdmontonSun
Cutting carbon emissions by 20% or more over the next decade is probably impossible, says the CEO of pipeline giant TransCanada.
Replacing coal-fired power plants, which are among the largest emitters of carbon dioxide, with cleaner alternatives at the end of their useful lives takes time, Hal Kvisle said yesterday.
And simply retrofitting them with a technology to capture and sequester carbon emissions, he said, is not as easy as some say.
"The activists would have you believe that you can shut off those coal-fired power plants today, and some technically inclined people would think that you can get carbon capture and sequestration technology retrofitted onto those plants quickly and cheaply," Kvisle said. "Nothing is further from the truth. It's very expensive and complicated to do."
Alberta's government, as well as Ottawa, see carbon capture technology as the best way to cut carbon emissions and have pledged billions of dollars towards it.
Also, Ottawa has proposed to cut emissions by 20% from 2006 levels by 2020.
Canadian delegates will travel to the Copenhagen climate change conference next month, where the world expects to turn the page on Kyoto.
Kvisle said officials heading to Copenhagen are "much more knowledgeable" than those who headed to Kyoto more than a decade ago.
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