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Sithe: Carbon Capture Possible at Desert Rock

Friday, October 30, 2009

Source: New Mexico Business Weekly
Sithe Global Power LLC says it wants to install carbon capture and sequestration technology at its proposed coal-fired electric project in northwestern New Mexico.
That represents a significant change in the company’s position on the Desert Rock Power Plant – a $4 billion project with a 1,500-megawatt capacity – that Sithe and the Navajo Nation’s Dine’ Power Authority are jointly developing near Shiprock.
Until now, Sithe had said it could add carbon capture technology to the plant when it becomes commercially viable, but now the company proposes to include the system from the start, said Frank Maisano, spokesman for Sithe Global’s subsidiary, Desert Rock Energy Co.
"This is new in terms of directly building the plant to capture carbon," Maisano said. "Originally, we planned to only add the technology if it became economical, but in this case, we’re proposing to build the technology into it."
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