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North America
2/17/2005      US  |  Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships Add Canadian Provinces
The Department of Energy (DOE) announced on Feb. 17 that the Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia have joined Saskatchewan and Manitoba as Canadian partners in the Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships program, the centerpiece of North American efforts to validate and deploy carbon sequestration technologies…
8/18/2003      US  |   DOE Names Regional Partners to Explore Best Approaches for Sequestering GHGs
The U.S. Department of Energy on Aug. 18 named the seven partnerships of state agencies, universities, and private companies that will form the core of a nationwide network to help determine the best approaches for capturing and permanently storing gases that can contribute to global climate change…
      America  |  New research gives precise look at underground CO2 abatement process
New research by scientists at Washington University in St. Louis sheds light on what happens underground when CO2 is injected into basalt...
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