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5/7/2007      UK  |   UK Competes for First CCS Plant
The UK government announced a competition to build the first full scale carbon capture and storage demonstration plant in its 2007 budget…
5/6/2007        |   Europe to Seize the Market in Carbon Capture
Legal changes would allow the UK and Norway to dominate the nascent CO2 storage industry by using the Atlantic sea bed…
5/4/2007    London  UK  |  IEA to Hold Expert Meeting on Financing CCS Projects
The IEA Clean Coal Centre and the IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme with sponsorship from Rio Tinto and the World Coal Institute will hold an Expert Meeting on Financing Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Projects, on May 31…
3/24/2007      UK  |  Mott MacDonald Appointed to Assess CO2 Capture Technology in Cement Industry
Mott MacDonald has been appointed by the International Energy Agency Greenhouse Gas Research & Development Programme...
10/8/2006        |  UK Sees EU-wide Carbon Capture Incentive from 2008
European power plants that use a novel anti-climate change method, burying greenhouse gases underground, will win some exemption from European pollution caps from 2008, according to a UK ministry official…
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