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6/26/2007      Sweden  |  Alstom Signs Contract with E.ON to Launch a Carbon Capture Plant
Alstom has signed a joint development contract with E.ON, one of world's largest power and gas providers, to launch a 5MW CO2 capture demonstration plant at Karlshamn Power Plant in southern Sweden…
6/5/2007        |  Carbon Price Must be Eur 30-40 for CCS
The price to emit carbon needs to rise to Eur 30-40 (USD 40-54) per tonne in order to make carbon capture and storage work…
6/5/2007        |  CCS to be the Second Most Attractive Career Opportunities
39 percent of Imperial College students surveyed said they thought clean coal / CCS offered the most attractive career opportunities…
5/25/2007        |  GE and BP to Work Together on Power Plant Technology
GE and BP have announced an alliance to work together on technology for hydrogen power plants, combining their expertise in coal gasification, reforming technology, gas turbines, carbon capture and carbon storage…
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