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Careers in the CCS Sector

In a survey of attitudes towards working in the energy sector conducted in 2007 by Doosan Babcock, a global company with offices and locations across all the major energy markets, 39% of Imperial College students surveyed said carbon capture and storage (CCS) offered the most attractive career opportunities, second only to bioenergy. As climate issues are attracting more and more concern worldwide, wider career opportunities in the field of carbon capture and storage will be offered.


Worldwide increases in energy demand coupled with a continued reliance on fossil fuel resources have contributed to a considerable increase in atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide. If fossil fuels remain a big part of the energy future then it is crucial to develop and deploy carbon dioxide capture and storage technology.

Information Volunteers

We will feel highly appreciated if you could provide us with any precious information on CCS industrial and research projects, news and policies, research papers, key reports, etc. Welcome to join us, be a CCS volunteer!

Full Time Jobs

You will grow at Carbon Capture Information Center through working shoulder to shoulder with outstanding team on carbon capture and storage to provide our customers with the most comprehensive list of CCS information and data. We will go out of our way to help you both professionally and personally reach your potential.


Capture Ready provides an internship platform for all those who’d like to build on their specialized skills as well as broaden their opportunities. As a place for people to learn, to achieve and to grow, CaptureReady will provide you with the options you are looking for.

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