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Our Translation Service Direction

We have worked with multilateral institutes, foreign governments and universities on the translation and proof reading.

We always guarantee the service quality and deliver the report in time for customers. The follow 10 stage process describes the work flow within our translation team.
1.         Project manager (PM) reviews the translation task and define schedule for the task.
2.         PM then dispatches the job to translators with relevant backgrounds.
3.         Translators translate the document, which is monitored by PM according to the schedule.
4.         Translators then submit the work to Chief Editor for internal proof reading.
5.         (Optional) External proof reading by international recognised experts in relevant area could be included at this stage upon clients' demand.
6.         PM reviews the quality of the finished work.
7.         PM submits the work to the client for feedback and comments.
8.         PM assesses the performance of the translators, the chief editor and proof readers.
9.         PM files the client's preference for further translation tasks.
10.     Printing and distributing of the translated document could be arranged at additional charges. (Optional)
The current cost for CCS technical reports:

Cost per 1000 words in orginal languages
English to Chinese
Chinese to English
Translation (in RMB)
from 220 (RMB)
from 260 (RMB)
External expert proof reading
from 150 (RMB)
from 25 (GBP)

The minimum charge is 440 RMB per project.
We aim to deliver the task (less than 10000 words in its original document) within 3 to 5 working days. If the external proof reading service is needed, an additional 2 working days is required. The detailed list is shown below. For files that are over 20000 words, a negotiated date is set when accepting the translation task, which normally takes less than a month for very large reports.

Number of words in the original file
Translation (days)
External Proof Reading (days)
2000 – 5000
5000 -10000
10000 – 20000

Telephone:  +86 755 2682 9033 (China)
           +852 8197 2288 (Hong Kong)
           +44 784 888 0229 (UK)
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