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The first carbon capture and storage information center,, was launched on December 31, 2008.
Fossil fuel powers our daily life, however, burning fossil fuel releases large amounts of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas contributing to dangerous climate change.
Carbon capture and storage, usually known as CCS, plays a significant role in addressing climate change and reducing the "carbon footprint" of human industrial activities worldwide. It refers to a process involving the capture and separation of CO2 emitted from large-scale stationary sources, transport to a storage site and long-term(>100 years) isolation from the atmosphere. focuses on carbon capture and storage, bases itself upon China, makes bold changes and innovations, but is not content to take the lead just in China. takes the whole world in view and focuses on its strengths, striving to be the first-class CCS information center.
As a member of the energy & environment sector, we are much more inclined to finding solutions to climate change. Although CCS technology is currently not generally commercially proven, without any doubt, it will become one of key technologies of cutting greenhouse gas emissions in the near future. The Carbon Capture-Ready concept could be the preparatory work for the final application of carbon capture and storage.
Linkschina Investment Advisory, the designer and supporter of, has been paying close attention to climate change and environment protection, and striving to introduce carbon capture and storage technology.
Environmental protection can not be achieved by one individual or one enterprise, but requires the collaboration of all walks of life. You are welcome to join us, as a place for people to learn, to achieve and to grow, could be an ideal match for your skills, interests, and goals.


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